Then there were none, and its okay!
Kindness of strangers and love of friends.

A folded shirt by any other name is still a folded shirt?

All things unknown, are strange, until we take the time to learn them.

Ordinary wmn 2011

When my daughter-in-law Sarah and my son Eric were expecting their second child, I was thinking of asking them if they needed me to go down to help out during the transitional period when the new baby came home. They already had an almost 2 year old son at the time and I figured they might need the extra hand.

Imagine my surprise when Sarah called me to ask if I could go and help.

Okay admit it, not too many people really want their mother-in-law to visit, never mind to stay for a while!

It is true that I had been blessed with two extremely amazing mother-in-laws. My first husband's mom was great to me and I got along well with her.

My hubby Mel's mom, was well, simply, the best ever!

She became like the mom I never had, and I made a decision to be as much like her as I could.

To my surprise my grand-babyTony was more in a hurry to meet me than we thought. He was born almost three weeks early and arrived exactly 2 hours after I did to the hospital!

Because he was a premie, he had to be in the hospital a lot longer than expected.

I quickly got down to the chores of taking care of Tiki, the two year old, and maintaining the house.

I have done more laundry in my life time with 9 kids, who played all kinds of sports, than a small nation. So I consider myself a bit of an expert at the deed.

Sarah always commented on how she was amazed at how quickly I could get through a pile of clothes. Little did she know that I had tackled bigger mountains of dirty ditties!!

For those of you who know me, I an the queen of systems. The assembly line system for lunches, and cleaning and, well laundry.

My way or the highway!!

So when I got to folding clothes I noticed that Sarah had a different way of folding her clothes.

I folded pragmatically over once in the middle and then a few times more to the size that I needed to fit the drawer.

Sarah on the other hand folded retail style, in thirds then over once or twice.

I thought what a waste of time, Ahahhhaaa! My way is so much better!!

My way was so much better that I felt the need to re-fold all the clothes in all the drawers just so they would all look the same!!

After weeks of this, one day I caught myself in a hurry and absent-mindly folded the kids clothes Sarah's way! Horrors I had been drawn to the dark side!!

When I went to put the clothes away, was when I noticed what I had done. What the world??

I was almost tempted to re-fold them "my way", when I realized that by putting the clothes away folded Sarah's way, it was easier to see what the item was and who it belonged to without having to unfold it.

I chuckled to myself when I came to the conclusion that even a laundry guru like me, could learn a new thing or two!

Growing up I was told by my mother, in no uncertain terms, that only her way was right. When I became a teen=ager and cooked better than her, cleaned better than her, and was more organized, it did not matter, she made sure my self esteem believed only her way was right.

I had insisted that when I grew up, I was not going to be that petty! Yet in small ways, without realizing it I had started to adopt some of those annoying set ways!!

Never again!!

I took all the clothes out of the drawers and refolded them my baby girl's Sarah's way. It was ironic that when I was done, the clothes fit better, and did not take up as much room! Not only was Sarah beautiful, kind, but so smart!!!

Duh, who knew!! Okay well Sarah did, but you know what I mean.

I continue to fold clothes that way in my own home now and while it might seem like a small thing I am grateful that I never became so narrow minded, as to believe that only my way is right.

Now that my youngest son is in culinary school, I love picking his brain about what he's learning and new techniques he can teach me!

In life, we are truly never too old to learn new tricks, the trick is never beliving you are too old to learn!!

Ahh, there goes the time to the dryer, folding awaits!!
I wonder what other new, amazing things I can learn today??