Live and learn.
Answered prayers.

Laughter, life’s greatest joy.

If you build it they will come.

James Earl Jones-field of Dreams


April 1


Happy April's fools day! Isn't this a great world where even the fools have a special day just for them?

In our family we think it's just for us! The highlight of the day is who can get who first. We have dealt with the shaving cream on the pillow in the dark room. The shoes full of talcum powder precariously dangling over the half opened door.

Even the dead mouse in the lunch bag, totally not funny according to our oldest daughter Cristina; but the one that took the cake was the day our sons James and Alex decided they were going to scare my husband and me.


First to begin with scaring a retired state trooper and a current state trooper isn't the brightest thing to do, but they were determined! First they made sure we weren't packing heat, AKA, did not have our loaded service revolvers on us.

The other precaution was to make sure they were at least seven feet away so they wouldn't get tossed like rag dolls or dropped kicked and knocked out.

Mel and I were wallpapering part of our kitchen and because it was unseasonably warm we had the back door and windows open.


So in their genius minds they were going to sneak up on us and scare us through the open window with a scary rubber mask. Brilliant!

Well problem was my sons wear more cologne than The Macy's perfume counter and we could smell them a mile away as they were trying to creep outside the window.


We were ready for them!

As Alex came around the backyard, James crept around our parked truck. Alex was supposed to make a noise, baiting us to come to the window and check, while James was waiting to poke his head out and freak us out.

Mel and I divided and conquered!

When Alex made the backyard cat noise, Mel snuck out the front door and came around the corner where Alex was hiding.

Oh, did I mention he was carrying a nice big bucket of gooey, dirty, paste water from the wallpapering project?


Alex never knew what hit him!

Meanwhile back in the kitchen I picked up the other gooey bucket of nasty, paste water and tossed it out the window where alien boy, James in his mask, was waiting. Bull's eye!

I never laughed so hard in my life! They were soaked from head to toe, mask and all!


When Alex and James got a look at each other they couldn't help but crack up laughing at each other as well!

They were one big, gooey, sticky mess!


They still couldn't figure out how we knew they were there! I guess the gauntlet had been thrown down for next year!

I know it sounds foolish, (get it foolish? Okay so comedy isn't my forte!)

Anyway as I was saying, I just hope that no matter how old we get, we never outgrow our child-like side.

Notice the difference I said child-like, not childish.

Childish is when we only care about ourselves and no one else. Child-like is when we still know how to laugh at ourselves, laugh with others, not at them and mostly, when we can still get the most out of the little things in life!

I for one plan on being the biggest fool in my family for as long as I can!

Let the jokes begin!

Oh, baby I can't wait until next year!