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It’s just one of those days!



January 9


Whoever said Children are our greatest treasures was probably talking about someone else's kids!

Today was one of those days where all nine of the kids could just not stay out of trouble!

To start, James and Alex, two of the oldest, who keep forgetting that they are older and therefore should know better; were horsing around and doing their best imitating of a wrestling match when they wound up bumping heads! Hard!

James got a black eye the size of a golf ball, while Alex got a bloody nose, which by the way just happened to bleed all over the freshly laundered sheets on their beds!

Not to be outdone, Derek, the oldest,(notice a pattern here?) was chasing Alexi, the baby, around the dining room table when he decided to try to scoop up Alexi and carry him off! Well Alexi had other plans, he duck down under the table at the last minute. Derek, coming at breakneck speed couldn't stop in time, so he decided to try to hurdle,

(Yeah, you read that right), the table to keep from crashing into it! 

As he was airborne his foot got caught on the top of one of the chairs and he fell forward landing squarely on top of the dining room table!

Alexi, who realized this was not going to be a good thing, came running out the other end and never stopped running; all the way upstairs and into his room!

Down came Derek and down came the table as the middle section buckled under his weight!

The crazy thing is that all this happened in the five minutes I thought it would be safe for me to go take a shower! What was I thinking?

The irony is that because it was a huge house and our vent fan in the bathroom was so loud, I didn't hear a thing!

I got out of the shower and went downstairs to find our dining room table neatly made up with the white table cloth, candles and all! The problem is it's on the floor with no legs! Yeah, no way we would ever notice that right?

People, this was all before breakfast! Suddenly Eric comes downstairs looking like he was going to audition for the main part in a re-make of the elephant man! He is covered from head to toes in hives.

Not only that, he is so itchy from what ever made him breakout he can't stand still!

He's walking around trying to scratch his back, squirming and wiggling all at the same time! He looked like he was trying to break dance!

I was about to go get some calamine lotion for Eric, when the Bobsey twins, Chris and Jessie, both came running down the stairs giggling hysterically. In our house this was not a good sign!

They came tearing around the hallway covered from head to toe in baby power looking like Casper the ghost and company!

Right on their heels was Jose swinging a white sweat sock filled with talcum powder. He realized too late that I was standing in the hallway and had just wound up to hit Chris with the sock. He tried to adjust so as not to hit me and wound up hitting the side of the door-jam causing a cloud of white powder to rise up! Now I was standing there with my still wet hair now caked with the white powder! Breathe deeply! Wait I can't I am chocking on the dust!I turned and walked back into the kitchen to find Sadie the dog with her head stuck in the huge peanut butter tub, I had just bought. Chris and Jess froze in their tracks as they ran into Eric still doing the itchy dance. At this time I had Alex with the bloody nose, James with the black eye, Eric shimming, Derek was on the floor nursing his swollen foot, while Alexi was asking him if he wanted him to kiss his boo-boo. Jose, Jess and Chris were still just standing there waiting for me to lose it, which I did! I started laughing so hard I had tear tracks running down my powder caked face.

The kids all looked at me like I had lost my mind. Okay I had lost my mind years earlier but more so at that particular moment. The kids started laughing too and honestly what else could I do at that moment? Oh, Lord I guess this too shall pass!