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Ever wonder why is it that dogs and kids only like to go outside when it's snowing or raining?

Have you ever tried to get them outside on a nice sunny day?

What happens?

"It's too hot, I'll get all sweaty, and the bugs will bite me and my all time favorite,

I might get my clothes dirty!"

Yeah, right, this from the kids who think that taking baths are optional, and wearing the same socks for a few days is a way to conserve water?

But then it's okay when they decide to go outside in torrential downpours or blinding snow blizzards?

Now picture this, nine kids decide they want to go out to play in the snowfall; not just any little bit of snow, but a foot on the ground more to come all day long, snowfall! What's the big deal?

Well, that does not bother me as much as the 50 pairs of pants and shirts they put on to stay warm!

This another one of those epic moments, it takes them hours to get ready! They have to figure out where they threw their boots from the last time they used them. They need to make sure they are wearing every clean piece of clothing they own and a few that does not belong to them to boot!

Finally they are ready to face the elements and they are out the door.

Okay this isn't that bad, the house to myself for an hour or so right? Some hot chocolate, a bit of ESPN and I am in heaven! Nope!!

Ten minutes later, theirrr back! 

What happened?

I got to pee! So now I have a squirming child, doing the pee-wee dance, as I try to extract him or her from the clutches of all the clothing!

To the bathroom we go, done in two seconds and ready to go back outside again after we re-package the goods, I mean the kid!

Back to peace and, quiet, right?

Nope, they're on the shifts system, here comes another!


By the time the last one is done going, here comes the first one back again!

So much for peace and quiet!

After a couple of cycles, they all come back in, tired from playing. They peel off the fifty layers of clothing, which by the way now adds another summit the size of Mt. St. Helene's, to the laundry room!

It's a conspiracy, I tell you! Even the dog is in on it too! Sadie, our golden brown and white Pit bull that we owned at the time, only had to answer the call of the wild during monsoon season or record-breaking blizzards!

The funny thing is when it's balmy and nice out she does her duty in 2.5 seconds then runs like a canine possessed back into the house!

Bad weather comes around? Oh, no!

She thinks she's Sachawea with the Louis and Clark expedition. She has to scout out every inch of ground in our backyard! While she is doing that, I am standing there looking like a soggy paper bag waiting for her to be done!!

It's a plot I tell you! They are trying to make me crack under the pressure!

Well it won't work, I tell you, I will never break; you hear me!

No, it won't! He! He! I'll show them! I refuse to get upset! I refuse to crack!

Uh, gee! I think I need to get out more often. No, silly dog, I am not taking you out now, back off! I really do have it hard you know!

Okay maybe not that hard but honestly can you all get on the same shift please??

What do you mean you are going back outside?