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Why is it part two?

Why is it?


I have been running around crazy lately yet hardly moving at all! I just started a new position as a criminal justice instructor which as much as I tried not to like, I totally love! But by the same token, since my leg is taking forever to heal from my surgery I am not able to do much of anything else.

I have always been passionate about criminal justice as a subject and as something that was just a part of me.

I really enjoyed the study of constitutional law when I was in the police academy and in college, so teaching it, is just a natural progression.
The funny thing is that I ask, why is it that we at time try to fight the things that we love the most?

Families, spouses, friends, careers even silly past times!
    Are we really that afraid to be happy that we need to hide the fact that we might actually enjoy going to school or going to work?

I have always told our kids to make sure they pick a career or a profession that they will be excited about going to everyday otherwise life just gets really depressing.

With that said I have decided to accept my own advise and really seize the day by refusing to hide my inner contentment!

So what if I enjoy a subject that puts my hubby to sleep in two seconds?
I love the constitution and the way its laws gives us rights and freedoms.
Further more I enjoy teaching this to students who are willing to learn and use that knowledge to ensure the freedoms of others!

So today I will enjoy my life, my career and most of all the great freedoms given to me that allow me to enjoy my life as I see fit!

By the way if you get the chance thank a Vet for those freedoms as well!

Can we say USA, USA USA!!! Goodness I love my life!