Why is it?
Finally, his, hers and mine, James made nine!,

Why is it part two?


I was at my son Alexi's baseball game and it was not going too good for our team. Okay, it was actually a full blown meltdown for our team!

To distract myself from the carnage I started looking around when I discovered something!

It was springtime! The blossoms were starting to come out. The grass was getting greener and the birds were out!

I suddenly noticed this little fellow so I decided to be realllly quiet and try to take his picture. You see when I try to take a picture of our dog Buddie as soon as he hears the digital camera lens sliding out he is gone!

So I was thinking this little bird might be camera shy too!

Imagine my surprise when he not only stopped and looked at me, but then he posed as well!

My hubby was on the bench next to me and commented something about me being Cinderella or something because even the animals would talk to me!

Do not be hating cause the old lady move away from you cause you scared her!

Anyway not only did my feathered friend pose he also moved closer.
I was so shocked.
This made me wonder how many times I had I been so busy noticing the bad ( my poor son's bad baseball game) that I missed the good, as in my little buddy here?

I was grateful for the fact that I was able to remove myself from the moment and really enjoy the gift of nature. I noticed the gorgeous view from the hill top I was sitting on and the beautiful sky!

So just for today take the time to stop for at least one minute and really look around you! You never know what you will find, or what new friends you might make!