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My husband also had four children, two boys, two girls.

Cristina, the oldest, is 23. Talk about two universes colliding! The day Cristina was born was the exact day and time I got married to my first husband. The irony of that always got me, because those two events were the ones that set Mel and me on the path of our destiny together. You will see how later in my story~

Cristina was born with severe jaundice and was in the hospital longer because of it. Mel told me that it was the only time his ex-wife saw him cry. Mel also told me that the moment Cristina was born was when he understood the meaning of unconditional love.

Times were hard for Cristina during her parents were divorce. She was a big Daddy's little girl and by the same token she adored her mom. She felt torn thinking she had to pick sides. She self appointed herself the mommy of her three younger siblings in an attempt to protect them. Unfortunately because of this she can butt heads with some of them at times. She keeps mothering them, telling what to do, when all they really want is a big sister to hang out with and love.

When I came into the picture Cristina was just shy of her tenth birthday. Around this time I found out from her school that she had been corralled into a special education class without my husband's knowledge or consent. She was an extremely shy little girl and somehow the teachers took this to mean she had learning disabilities! This class gave her a false sense of security. She thought she was an honor roll student, as did my husband, when in reality she was falling behind more and more each day.

I finally put my two cents in and insisted to have her evaluated. The school did so, but refused any major changes in her curriculum so we moved her to the same private school Chris was attending. This of course made me the bad guy. She went from being a so called "honor roll" student to barely getting "D"'s. Cristina was heartbroken as she was a very hard working student. Luckily with the dedicated teachers at Saint Margaret's and a paid tutor she was able to catch up.

Cristina went on to become a standout basketball and softball player at the same high school as her brother. Alex encouraged her to try soccer her sophomore year. The funny thing was she had never played! Cristina not only did well, but she still holds several records at the school! Her team was the first girls' soccer team from LCHS to make it to States!  Cristina became a good student in a school that has high academic rigors as well as active in student activities.

Cristina attended Salem State College and played softball there. She later transferred to Barry University in Florida where she is a business major. Cristina has gotten a job with a major retail company and is on the fast track to upper management. She hopes to someday run her own business. Whatever this little dynamo with the smile of an angel but a will of iron decided to do, she will no doubt be very successful at it! Watch out Wall Street little business giant coming through!