“Then there were three,….Alex”
“Independent, together!”

“And Chris made the Fab Four”



My youngest son is Chris is 19 years old now. Chris was born at a time that was great financially but not so great emotionally. He came as my first marriage was gasping its final breaths. I think his father and I hung in there a bit longer because we both loved the boys so much. Alex, my youngest at the time, was almost seven years old, so Chris was surrounded by older brothers who catered to his every wish. My ex-sister-in-law had rented an apartment from us, so add to the mix two older cousins and a doting aunt. Chris definitely did not lack for love and attention! 

When Chris was two months old he came down with a severe urinary infection that quickly started to spread into his blood system. They discovered he had a defect with the valve that went into his bladder, causing backwashing. He would require surgery and a tube implant to repair the damage. Chris was required to be on antibiotics for almost eight months until he was old enough, or rather big enough to have the procedure. I know that doctors are required to tell you all the bad news as well as the good, but the prospect that he might die wasn't something, we as a family wanted to hear. We were truly blessed by the fact that God's hand was in everything that happened during this phase of his life. I will explain more on that later, but for now let's just say everything went extremely well! To this day he hasn't suffered from any side effects or required any further medical intervention for his condition.

Chris' sweet nature and loving spirit saw me through some of the roughest times in my personal life. The one ray of hope, next to his older brothers, was that little nymph, with the big puppy eyes and the shy smile. No matter how bad the day went one tiny grin and a soft, lispy, "I love you Mommy" made it all better!

Chris wasn't very talkative but he was a deep thinker even at a young age. He wanted to read "Rainbow Six" instead of books closer to his age! As crazy as people said having Chris at that time was, I will never regret it for one moment!

He played football, baseball and even tried basketball for a year while in high school. He loved playing football but baseball was his favorite, especially pitching. It isn't that Chris wasn't good at sports; it was just that he was constantly overshadowed by some of his other siblings who excelled in that area. With determination and some work he became a decent athlete. Chris was a gifted student who carried a full load of honor classes and he took his church responsibilities seriously. Seriously that was, until his senior year, when that dreaded ailment called "Senioritis" went rampant throughout a few of his friends. He was one of its poor victims.

His down fall at times is that he relies too much on his God given intelligence, instead of actually doing all the required work, which can cause his grades to look like the White Mountains at times, all up and down! Chris also encountered some personal issues that he still needs to sort out during this time, but I know he will continue to do the right thing.

He had been saying he wants to go to Harvard or the University of Miami ever since he was little. As he got closer he realized a few things, Harvard was hard to get into and not that far from home and Miami was muggy! He finally set his heart on UNLV. He got accepted to the University of Hartford and Barry University. Yet we hadn't heard from UNLV. Life is funny; two days after he paid the deposit to Barry University he got an acceptance letter from UNLV! There went my deposit and there went Chris!

He is majoring in Film and aspires to be a screen writer/director. He has already written several screenplays. He is one of my leading suppliers of short stories for my webpage!

As is typical at times with young men, he is questioning his place in God's plan and the meaning of religion in general. But as he embarks on the next phase of his life I am sure he will find the answers he seeks! I also have no doubt I am going to get the opportunity to get all decked for a trip to the Oscars! And the winner is………………

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