February 17, 2009

Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of Mystery reporting in!


This is Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of mystery reporting in from an undisclosed location.

I apologize for falling under the radar for the last few months. I was in grave danger of having my secret identity discovered and had to go deep, deep undercover to avoid being detected!

At times the situation was hairy! And it was only because of my high canine intelligence and amazing spy skills that I was able to avoid detection!

In order to make my way back to base I had to assume a clever and highly effective disguise as a common villager being walked through the square. Of course in reality I was using my amazing tracking skills to get my logistical bearings and also collect sensitive information that was required for national security!

Ah, ha! What's this, proof that a wanted bad guy was here? Okay maybe not, it was proof that a bad guy's dog was here! Okay, no it was just proof that a dog, who ate something that was bad was here, but he could have been a bad guy's dog!!

I slyly scouted out the area and finally was able to form my plan to make it back to HQ (that is what is known as code in the spy game for Headquarters!) I bet you did not know that? But make sure you don't tell anyone or I'll have to kill you! Okay I won't have to kill you but I might have to bite you really hard to keep you from talking! Okay yeah, I know I don't bite, but I might have to bark at you really, really loud and cause your ears dire pain!! So, Shh, our secret!!

So later that day under cover of night! Okay maybe not cover of night but later that day I made my way through dangerous woods and fields and rivers, oh my!! He, he, I crack myself up sometimes!

Anyway after much covert operations and sleuth I finally made it back to base!

So this is Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of mystery finally reporting back to you from a highly secret (wink, wink!) location. Letting you know that I am back and ready to save the world once again Ala Jack Bauer! Did I mention that Jack and I were academy mates? Okay maybe not exactly academy mates but we were trained in the same facility! Its' true, Betty's Suds and Bubbles is located this close to the highly secret Government training site!! So we are really tight!!

So over and out until our next assignment!!

October 31, 2008

~Chasing the mole~


This is Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of mystery reporting from the depths of my latest secret location!

I was instructed to meet my handler to get the instructions for my next mission.

Of course as I was waiting for their arrival I was scouting out the area to make sure we were not being watched!

Do not think I am having any type of fun my work is serious and dangerous and, well, seriously dangerous, I mean it, so dangerous.

Okay maybe not so dangerous but definitely serious!

Okay maybe not as serious but it was very important work!

Anyway when my handler arrived and I was given the assignment.

There seemed to have been a security leak in our organization. Somewhere within our structure there was a hole that had to be plugged up!

National security depended on it! Well not so much national but the security of our back yard at least!!

I went quickly to work to find out who the evil doer was that was compromising our secrets!

I picked up their scent and was immediately on their tracks!

Suddenly a clue!

Ah, we had a mole in our organization! Okay, more like in our backyard!! I had to plug up the hole! So I Buddie the dog, dog of mystery set up a stake out!

Slowly my hard work paid off as I was able to identify the perpetrator.

He was a shady, slippery character with beady eyes. I could tell he was the evil doer that had been giving secret information to the enemy. Okay maybe not giving info, but at least messing up my scent aura in our backyard! Seriously this guy stunk! At least to me he did!

I quickly gave chase and sent him back to the depths of hell, well not so much as to the depths of his hole!

I maintained a guarded patrol to ensure that he did not return!

Ah, Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of mystery once again saves the day and get his mole!

This is Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of mystery, signing out until next time from an undisclosed, secret location!!!

April 23, 2008

Buddie, dog of mystery, on patrol!

My site was nominated for The Blogitzer!


Today while I was on routine patrol I had the uncanny feeling that I was being watched! I put all of my astute canine training into action, when suddenly, I spotted the unsavory character that was spying on me!

I quickly sprang into action to avoid their surveillance equipment.

Ha,ha! Buddie the dog of mystery is faster than any human camera speed! Ah, maybe not!

There was not a moment to lose, I had to get back the film, ah, memory card from the camera! I could not risk my identity being discovered!


I was hot on the trail, I knew that with my skills and intelligence, there was no way my nemesis would escape.

I circled the tree then realized, there was nothing there!


I slowly closed in! I could feel the tension in the air as I felt a bead of sweat form on my eyebrow, ah, forehead!No wait that was leftover milk from breakfast!

There was no way he would get away from me now. Suddenly I heard it!

"Buddie, get your butt in the house!" The voice of my charge, he too was highly trained in maintaining my cover as a highly pampered lap dog!

I quickly fell back into my undercover identity realizing that the suspect was long gone!

I also realized that I was no longer under surveillance. I guess my professionalism and serious demeanor scared them off!

I walked back feeling good knowing that once again Buddie, Buddie, the dog of mystery, had saved the day!


Nothing ever gets past me or my incredible investigative skills~


Once again signing off from a highly secret location this is Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of mystery reporting in!

April 16, 2008

Buddie, Buddie the dog,…dog of mystery!

My site was nominated for The Blogitzer!


Hello fellow canines, this is Buddie, Buddie the dog reporting to you from an undisclosed top secret location. As you can see I am out in the field. My assignment is top secret and I cannot divulge any particulars but suffice to say that it is very dangerous and national security might depend on its proper completion.

Okay maybe not national security, but the security of my kind!

Okay may be not the security of my kind but definitely the security of my charges!

Okay maybe not the security of my charges, but the security of my rubber bone.

If this mission is not completed properly, my home life as we know it will never be the same again!

Every detail must be precisely and meticulously executed or the whole operation will be a failure!

Hey wait, hold on, oh no I have been captured!


What is that tool of torture? Go ahead give it your all! I will never talk! I will never tell you my mission!

Hey, get that thing away from my ear!

What are you doing?

I know you are putting a micro chip in my head to brainwash me into talking! Well it will never work!

Wait what is that? Oh, I see ancient water torture! Ha, ha, I laugh at your feeble attempts to break me!

I am a highly trained intelligence professional! Nothing you do will keep me from completing my mission. No wait I mean, nothing will make me talk!

Wait now what? Oh, you are going to blindfold me and take me to some hidden place to make me divulge my secrets! Wait, no I mean, I do not know anything!

I know what you are thinking. You think that I am an average dog who was walking in the woods, looking for his squeaky toy and got attacked by a tick.

You think that I was taken by my charge and plucked free of that blood-sucking parasite. You also think that afterwards I was stuck in a bubble bath and then towel puffed and dried.

But you do not know my cunning undercover capacity! It was all part of my scheme.

You think that I am just a silly dog getting into mischief, but I am not; I am Buddie, Buddie the dog. Dog of mystery and my mission continues. I always get my bone.

This is Buddie, Buddie the dog, dog of mystery signing out from an undisclosed location, until next time! Woof, woof and out!

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